Hi Families,
Due to our really busy last day in Athens (and super early morning), we will deliver our last post later.
We will see you at 12:30pm on Saturday 7th at SFO.  We arrive on Air France flight #84 from Paris.
We've learned a lot on this exciting adventure (in addition to all the eating!).  Once your child catches up on their sleep, please be sure to ask him/her.....

A few things they've learned about Greek cultureTo explain the work of an archaeologistThe difference between preservation vs. restorationThe difference between a tourist and a traveler I've had a wonderful time traveling with your children - they were wonderful! Thank you!

Mapping the Agora, the Acropolis, and More!

This morning everyone woke up late by accident and was tired from our wonderful cultural party. After having a fulfilling breakfast we were ready for the short walk that came before we jumped onto the metro for the second time during this trip. We were on our way to see the Acropolis and the Agora. Arriving in downtown Athens we immediately set out to map the Agora. We learned about the drainage system, the shops, the government buildings and how they could tell time. We then went to the mind blowing Acropolis 🙃and talked about how the Parthenon worked and why it existed. The Parthenon was built by the Athenians to show their power and to worship Athena. 
It was also used as a treasury and was built with a optical illusion making it look like it is perfectly straight. As we walked up the many steps that lead to the very top, we noticed how smooth and slippery the stones were from thousands of years of footsteps taking the hike to the sacred site. Sean and a few others even fell, …

Goodbye Crete - Hello Athens!

For today’s blog, BB gives a recap of our adventures in Crete.  Daniel shares our first full day in Athens. BB Today we continue our travels back to Athens. The Cretan experience has certainly been one of a kind. From cute shops to astounding restaurants, there is always something to do here. On the first day in Crete, we partook in a wonderful, traditional Greek dance class. The next morning, we explored a Cretan village and participated in a hands-on Greek cooking activity.
That afternoon, we went into a museum detailing the Cretan and Minoan ancient civilizations, as well as the Palace of Knossos, which we visited immediately afterward. The Palace has been destroyed and renewed, filled with a marveling display of ancient engineering, and is home to what is considered to be the oldest road in all of Europe. The next morning, we traveled to a monastery that was attacked by six-thousand Turkish soldiers in 1866. Soon after, we traveled to Rethymnon and entered the last hand-made filo do…

Rethymno and Arkadi Monastery

Evan, Jeremy and Alex are sharing their stories today.

Evan In the morning, we woke up early to a fulfilling breakfast. After breakfast, we went on a scenic bus ride facing the uninhabited island that is said to be Zeus' grave where the gods died during the winter. Then, we visited The Holy Monastery of Arkadi. Inside the monastery were many different sites such as The Bullet Tree, where you can still see a bullet from the battle between the Turks and the Greeks in 1866. We also visited the Powder Magazine, which was used for housing wine and ammunition.
It was here where the Arkadi Tragedy took place. In the Powder Magazine was where all the women, children, and the priest hid as their last cover when the Turks invaded. As the Turks found them hiding inside the storeroom, the priest lit a candle, sacrificing them and making them die as martyrs.
Another site we visited in the monastery was the main church. This is where the monks performed their rituals and prayed. As our visit to t…


Today's episode is brought to you by Angela, Erica, and Emma!
Angela and Erica Our first full day in Crete was filled with stunning views, ancient ruins, and surprising discoveries. To start off the day, we visited the traditional Cretean village of Arolithos. There, we were taught the recipes for four traditional Greek dishes. Extra virgin olive oil was a very important ingredient of all the dishes, so they used A LOT. After enjoying a delicious homemade lunch, we met up with Thalia, our tour guide for the day. She first led us through the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, which held many restored frescos and artifacts. Some prominent features included how the women were portrayed with white skin while the men were designed with red skin in all the frescos, and the large wooden replica of the ancient Palace of Knossos.

In addition, we discovered that originally, when a small fresco was found, archaeologists thought it was a boy until they also dug up (a piece of the fresco with a d…


Photos of Our Adventures in Greece